Patrol data is read out from readers and stored in IP Downloader , then transferred to appointed server through Ethernet.these data is received and analyzed by corresponding software and generated into patrol report Patrol data is downloaded into IP downloader then is
transferred to server by Ethernet

Operate eaisly

Operator just needs insert reader into IP Downloader( or use USB cable to connect them), IP Downloader reads patrol records automatically and transfers patrol data to the server, if the server is busy or broken, IP Downloader will detect the server in constant interval actively, patrol data will be upload automatically without any operating once it successfully connect the server again.

No Maintenance

IP Downloader uses embedded design, so hardware program won’t be affected virus like PC.

Reliable storage

IP Downloader uses Flash memory, so the patrol data can be kept more than 10 years after power off.

Download patrol data portably

If IP Downloader uses standard mobile power , it can download and upload patrol data movably.

Recognize reader automatically

IP Downloader can recognize V1/V1+, V5, V51, V8 model readers, and downloads patrol data automatically.


Please touch tags when you read.

The reader vibrates once with blue light when you read tags successfully.

Put the reader on the downloader, then transmit data via USB cable to upload data which will be deleted   automatically once you download data to software.