Advance Digital Surveillance System

Advance Digital Surveillance System

Intelligent SMICT Compression Technique by using Chateau's SMICT Compression technique, VG8C-XP-TV adopt it's own intelligent image compression technique, which is develop and design aiming on the professional surveillance and monitor recording. We create our own hardware compression chip, DSP IC. Through it's high 640 x 480 pixel full color recording, and its "Image Contract" and "Separation of front and back Image" technique built internally to separate motion object and compressed. Co-operate with it's characteristic of "recording when movement detected" to substantially increase the compression speed to receive better image quality and effectively extend the recording time.

The most stability of the working system VGuard system is developed in accordance with Windows 2000, XP and Windows7 Operating System. It has it's own stable system structure. After a long term testing and the uses of other users, this had in procession of the most stability in both software and hardware. The Watchdog function is built internally to automatically restore functions when computer is crushed, it can automatically restart the computer and restart the program. This stable structure with the clever anti-crush design is to give you the safest protection. 

Most truthfully and real time information VG8C-XP-TV can record 16 Videos and 4 Audios simultaneously. No need to install extra audio recording card to increase the burden of the costs to have control of all the situation needed for immediate reaction. 

Support the most PTZ and I/O facilities support PTZ control from the system. You can directly control PTZ cameras to go up, down, right, left, turn focus, iris control and zoom in/out from the screen. You can also preset point functions, Crusie functions and Auto Pan Functions. Other than this, our system support 8 I/O connecting points for connecting alarm and detective equipments.

- QR Code Scan to Setup WiFi

- Pan Tilt

- Two Way Audio System

- Integrated with Alarm Door Sensor

- 8 Defense Areas 64 Alarm Sensors