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  • McWiLL (Multi carrier Wireless information Local Loop)
McWiLL if Long Term Evolution (LTE). Next Generation Network (NGN) solution & generation of 4G Mobile Broadband Access (MBA) system. It enable you to use Voice and Internet simultaneously. Multi services such as Voice, Data, Fax, Internet, Video on demand could be used with one McWiLL Terminal CPE and Wireless Access ( WiFi) can be obtained by connecting to McWill. The McWiLL was approved as a Chinese National Standard in 2009 and as an international standard by International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

·       Red-Light Running Camera Syatem
Red-Light Running Cameras are installed at conjested and accident prone traffic light junctions in order to photo records of indisciplined and reckless Driving vehicles and taking necessary lawful actions.

·       Access Control
Access control systems provides the means to control, minitor and restrict the movement of people, assets or vehicles in, out and around buildings, premises, sites or vulnerable areas.

From small businesses to large multi-site corporations, ACM provides complete access control and security management systems utilizing the latest swipe, proximity and biometic readers.

·       Advanced Surveillance System
ASS Systems enable constant remote surveillance of any commercial environment. With varying applications, increasing product ranges, types of systems available, and evolving technology, ACM can advise and customise a bespoke solution according to your requirements.

Systems can include joystick controlled high speed dome cameras, digital recording accessed remotely and number plate recognition cameras, which can be integrated with other security systems such as Access Control, Gate / Barrier Control and Intruder Alarms.

·       Door Entry
Integrated audio or video door-entry systems enable you to monitor, control and verify access to any areas of private or industrial operation.

ACM can specify, test and install complete systems for offices, industrial premises and apartment blocks where secure control is required over one or many points of access with or without entrance-hall staff present.

·       Fire Detection
Several system types and options are available, depending on the specific characteristics of the protected space.

ACM supplies and installs: heat and smoke detection systems, item detectors, and audio and visual warning systems, in addition to remote monitoring and fire brigade signaling systems, all in compliance with the recognized standard of fire brigade department.

·       Intruder Detection
Intruder systems can be applied in most domestic, public and commercial environments, regardless of size. Intruder systems are primarily designed to detect unauthorized persons  presence in an area and raise an alarm.

ACM takes into account the day to day business use of the premises or the occupants lifestyle, so that the systems remains first and most fore cost-effective, yet user-friendly, simple and trouble free in operation at all times.

·       Gate Automation & Barriers
ACM is standing as a market leader in the field of automatic gate, door, barrier, pedestrian control and parking systems.

ACM can install and service a full range of operators including electromechanical arms, articulated arms, operators for sliding gates, and rising vehicle barriers.

·       ePABX Communication System
Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange System is a System where Myanmar Posts and Telecommunication’s PSTN Lines are extanded to many extension Lines in a Building or Premise. It can be utilized to communicate with External Phone Lines. Extension of at Least 8 lines up to 200 can be extended.

·       Sustainable Solar Energy System
This system enables you to use electric power long lastingly by utilizing electric power generated by natural sunlight freely. Sustainable solar energy system does not need any fuel and does not polute the surrounding air and water.

It is a natural energy resource which is necessity for global use. ACM can install this special electric power necessity for residences, industrial complexes and factories.