McWiLL System Features

Smart Antenna System
McWiLL System Features  

Main Services: Fixed, Portable, and mobile voice and data communications.

Main Features:  BTS with 5MHz can support up to 15Mbps net throughput, each sector can support more than 300 simultaneous session, supporting high-speed mobility, and handoff and roaming, N=1 freequency planning, and low latency.

Core Technology:  Smart antennas, CS-OFDMA, Efficient VoIP architecture, make-before break Baton handoff, adaptive modulation up to QAM64, QoS/GoS, Security and fraud protection.

Product Characteristics: 
  1. Upport up to 100KM/H mobile speed.
  2. Terminals are backward compatible.
  3. Support efficient voice communications and low-bandwidth data.
  4. Support N=1x1 deployments.

Intelligent IP Password (SIMless) 

  • Terminal and Telephone Number Can be separated without an SIM Card.
  • Each user just remembers his UID or alias as well as his unique password.
  • After clicking a special icon and enter the UID or alias and password, the McWiLL Terminal will be registered with the account with that telephone number and the billing will go to that account.
  • Even if a user loses his phone, he can get a new phone and register his telephone number. The old phone will be invalid immediately.
  • The authentication process is the same as the SIM Card authentication and is therefore secure.