Red-Light Running Camera System

Our Red-Light Running Camera is based on NDC 350/360 Model Camera System. It support image resolution up to 3 Mega Pixel. So it get clear image better than other surveillance camera's resolution 1.3 Mega Pixel. Camera support up to 2048 x 1536 Pixels.

It's IP (Internet Protocol) Based Red-Light Running Camera for e-Police Management System. Camera system is designed only for e-Police System.

It's used SONY SUPER HAD CCD Technology, so it can capture rush vehicle under the low level lighting.

It can capture rush vehicles under the five lanes with only one camera.
Camera used stable built-in Linux Platform with FTP Protocol Transmission.

Camera connected magnetic loop under the road, it's 1' from stop line.
User can handle e-Police RLR Camera System easily. It don't need Computer system to store images. Images are stored in SD Card, it's build-in back of camera. If you want capture images, you can download with laptop connected with Cat-5 Ethernet cable.
RLR Camera System